Little Notebooks for Big Adventures

Welcome to the Workshop!

I hand-make pocket-sized notebooks with blank, graph, or hex paper pages. If you're looking for gifts for friends, aspiring writers, cartographers, or tabletop gamers, please check the shop for current stock or email me to inquire about custom designs. Order one or two for yourself while you're at it so you always have a notebook handy.

All notebooks are pocket-sized, the largest measuring 3 inches wide by 5 inches tall. All notebooks are staple-bound with colored staples (red, green, or blue), and all have 32 pages (8 pieces of paper folded at the binding to make 16 sheets). If you have any questions about construction or materials, email me and I'll get back to you.

I'm exploring other binding methods (mainly saddle stitch and Coptic stitch) so I can offer larger and thicker notebooks. Stay tuned.

Product List

 Name  Size  Pages  Paper  Cover
 Carto  3x5 inch
 32  Graph (5 sq/inch)
 65 lb. Cover Stock
 Timekeeper  3x5 inch  32  Graph (5 sq/inch)
 Embossed: Clock Design
 Graffito  3x5 inch  32  Blank
 65 lb. Cover Stock
 Fairy  2.5x2 inch
 32  Blank  65 lb. Cover Stock
 Tombstone  2.5x2 inch
 32  Blank  Skull & Crossbones Stamp

I can make Custom Notebooks to order. If you want your notebook covered in cardstock of a specific color/pattern, or personalized with stamps or embossing, or even made with a specific filler paper, please email me to request a quote.

I will be offering a Limited Edition Hex-Carto, made from a pad of 1/4-inch hex paper that I purchased sometime around 1986-87. Only 20 of these will be made. All of them will be made to order. Email me for details.

The Shop is online! Head on over and see what's in stock.

I typically ship First Class to keep your shipping costs low. Priority Mail available upon request.

Thanks for taking a look!